Kidiway is a Quebec-based company that has been making baby products since 2011. With more than 20 years of experience, cofounders Charles and Joseph Nassif are passionate about the world of toddlers. Their mission is to provide high-quality products that are healthy, safe, practical, stylish and affordable along with friendly customer service. Kidiway’s reputation has quickly spread and the company now sets the standard for fashionable parents.

With our array of dazzling, innovative collections, you can create a universe for a stylish baby. Ranging from contemporary furniture to cleanly designed, cute bedding lines and including clothing and super practical accessories, they are a goldmine for new parents and grandparents.

At Kidiway, the safety and comfort of our customers are our top priorities. That is why we continuously invest in the research and development of cutting-edge products. We hold national and international patents for the designs of our exclusive items that are distributed throughout Canada and the United States.

Designed and manufactured in Canada and overseas, Kidiway products are designed to make babies—and their parents—happy.